At A.F Gross Advocate we focus less exclusively on the specialisation but instead on overlapping practice areas being able to advise clients on several different issues thereby encouraging and offering clients a general retainer relationship.

1. Litigation

The breadth and depth of our partners’ pragmatic experience and their civil and commercial practice has earned the firm a reputation in this traditional method of resolving disputes.

We generally provide representation in the High Court as well as the Court of Appeal but are also amenable to making appearances in subordinate courts and tribunals where the client brief so requires.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

This practice offers advisory services as well as selective representation in local and international arbitration. Our senior partner is a co-founder of the Dispute Resolution Centre whose premises are next to ours. The Dispute Resolution Centre offers a range of techniques such as arbitration, mediation facilitation and med-arb to help clients resolve their disputes. Our other two partners have also trained in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution making this area of practice our firm’s specialisation.

3. Corporate and commercial law

We offer advisory services required by commercial concerns and are involved in the establishment and local registration of corporations and business entities. The firm handles joint ventures as well as preparation of partnerships, shareholders’ and management contracts, technology transfer contracts, licence agreements and aviation leasing contracts.

Our firm also has experience in conducting due diligence, international loans negotiation, creation and perfection of securities and advising in bond issues.

4. Property law and Conveyancing Practice

We are involved in the facilitation of acquisitions, transfers, leases, easements and general dealing with real property. We advise on change of user, investigate titles, make inquiries and conduct searches as well as draft conveyances. We protect the rights of our landlord-clients to possession and receiving of rent and our tenant-clients from unlawful eviction and exploitation under the various Rent Acts.

We also act for clients in the agricultural, horticultural and plantations sector and have recently been involved in Turnkey Gated Community developments.

5. Intellectual property law

We complete patent, trademark and design registration for our clients. We are also actively involved in litigation for intellectual property rights, copyright infringement actions as well as in protection of our clients’ licensing agreements, plant breeders’ rights and trade symbols in actions for passing off.

6. Employment and labour law

Here we mainly offer consultation to our clients as regards relationships between various parties under employment contracts. We advise on the individual as well as collective employment aspects including employment contracts, service contracts, executive remunerations, restrictive covenants, pensions and benefits. This practice also undertakes settlement of employment disputes as well as preparation of employment contracts and service agreements.

7. Family law and Practice

This firm will selectively act in proceedings for divorce, nullity of marriages and judicial separation with particular emphasis on Alternative Dispute Resolution mediation to lessen the trauma of the fragmenting family. We likewise get involved in proceedings for determination of inter-spousal property rights before, on or after dissolution of marriages. We are similarly involved in the preparation, revocation, alteration and revival of wills as well as in applications for grant of probate of wills and letters of administration. In addition we do both local and international adoptions. We handle disputes involving custody, maintenance, care and control and access in disputes involving children.

8. Criminal Law

We undertake selective representation of criminal matters with recent experience involving Immigration Disputes, Traffic Offences, Physical Planning and a land mark case relating to Economic Crimes.

9. General practice

We also offer consultation on matters related to immigration and nationality. We also assist in the procurement of entry permits, work permits and their extensions for foreign nationals where such instructions are part of an Overall Retainer Instruction.